Why Founders & Executives Choose Us

Chestnut is a tech-led on-demand staffing organisation with HQ in London, UK.


Chestnut provides an opportunity for companies to utilise the incredible African talent pool. By providing university-educated, passionate young professionals to work within your organisation. These services are specifically designed to enhance company performance, drive new revenue streams, increase overall productivity and relieve stress from your current employees.


Chestnut has a unique proposition in the market of software development. Our incredible talent pool of developers and designers is unparalleled anywhere in Africa. We have sourced exceptional individuals to allow companies to benefit from this resource, either as employees or sub-contractors, for short or long term projects.

How It Works

How Our
Approach Works

We support organisations around the world to grow their teams by providing talented and ambitious graduates based in Africa.

Using AI, we match organisations with staff members based on personality matching and organisational culture.

Companies see Chestnut as an extension of their core business by fully integrating our staff into their existing team.

By working with us companies can economically expand and diversify their teams rapidly by simply subscribing online.


Joining Chestnut is easy! Browse our service pages and select which service and package can best support you. Add your company details and process payment via credit/debit card.


Once your online subscription is processed, someone will be in touch to arrange an onboarding video call at your earliest convenience. Here you will meet your new assistant or developer and their manager.


Now is the time to start integrating your new Chestnut team into your company culture. Start by getting to know them better, assigning tasks and setting expectations for their new role.


Finally, you can relax as our team is proactive and take accountability for their roles. We have an excellent management team who will monitor their progress and have frequent updates with clients.

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Mail us at hello@chestnut.co.uk


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